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SYRUP magazine issue 2


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*Borders Issue*

The theme for issue two explores many kinds of borders, and what they mean personally, politically, and geographically. Articles cover topics ranging from activism in Palestine, to self-governance & energy supply in Nigeria, to what it's like existing as a gay man in China.


Agata Kik/Ali Strick/Anais Ortega/Anna Ridler/Bella Riza/Camilla Brown/Cong Yao/Emily Briselden-Waters/Emily Cole/Huma Kabakci/Hyun Kim/Jeongkeun Lee/Julia Schuster/Laura Nasir-Tamara/Letizia Iman & Andrea Dal Martello/La Batarde/Melanie King/Melissa Magnuson/Olivia Mathurin-Essandoh/Oyinkansola Akande/Seo Hye Lee/Shad Abusalama and Sara Jafari/Sing Hang Tam/Tamara kametani/Tolu Odusanya and Umi Baden-Powell/Yemi Abiade